There is something magical that happens when you take a risk and let go of the shore. When my husband came home and said, “It looks like we’re moving to England for a year.” I panicked. I loved my career as a librarian, I loved my girlfriends and my neighborhood, the girls were at great schools and I was not prepared for a major move at this point in my life. God gave me signs that this was the right thing to do. My principal approved my leave request, my position would be waiting for me, the girls would be able to return to the same school. My family came over to help me move and pack up ten years worth of books, clothes, costumes, and collectibles. We donated a ton of items to the local charity, I gave friends lots of great books, and the rest we stuffed into my parent’s basement. Plus my dad reminded me, “You have family there you know, Uncle Frank and his kids are there.” My Uncle Frank retired in England after serving in the Air Force near the base in Brackley. He has three children, all close to my age, cousins I hadn’t seen since I was ten years old. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with family, to give my daughters the joy of living abroad.