Healthy Mommas

Motherhood is a blessing and joy. We provide for our children, family members, social and community circles and yet at the end of the day we can easily forget to provide for ourselves. It might leave you feeling drained, emotionally depleted and finding little joy in everyday tasks.

There are ways to create space for ourselves even in the midsts of a hectic schedule. It might be playing your favorite song while you have your morning coffee, taking a few extra minutes to lay in bed and savor the quiet in your home, or maybe you plan meetups with your friends on the weekend. You deserve it and it will allow you to be a sustainable source of love for your family.

Here are five ways to refresh during the busy holiday season when stress can take its toll.

1) Do three things you love each day. When we tap into our own passions and creativity we find the inspiration to power through the mundane aspects of life. So enjoy that playlist of favorite songs on your morning power walk, savor that long shower and the smell of your favorite hand-milled soap, or take the extra moments to sit outside and enjoy your morning cup of joe. These are the moments that ground us and help us reconnect with our beautiful soul.

2) Take Five – Five deep grounding breaths when you feel stress creeping in, maybe its that long traffic ride, or the rush to get out the house on Monday morning, stop and breath. Deep cleansing breaths will help you relax and slow down. When we rush through we are more likely to have accidents, snap at loved ones, or forget the things we needed most. Slow down sis, you’ll get it all down and arrive at your destination with your sanity intact.

3) Self-love – We all fall into routines, but some habits are harmful to our health. We need to be healthy to provide for our families, be creative, and explore all the beautiful gifts that are held within us. Choose one healthy habit to practice each day and bring attention to your own health and wellness routines. These are the habits we pass down to our children, we want them to eat well, exercise, play, and enjoy the things that make them happy. If we learn to turn off the t.v., phone, and devices that drain our time and internal batteries we can find both the time to connect with our families and the joy that comes from these quiet practices.