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Welcome to MixMomma!

My name is Janet and I’m passionate about three important things: family, friends, and fun!

Growing up I spent my childhood living abroad while my dad served in the Army.  We lived in Panama, Korea, Germany, South Caroline, Lousiana, and Colorado.  My childhood was spent on the water, fishing with my dad in any river, stream, lake, and ocean he could find!  My mother brought special meals to every outing and I adored every new adventure, from the markets of Panama City, Panama to the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans.  We enjoyed the very simple pleasures of a childhood filled with freedom and curiosity.

I still enjoy the military life, my husband’s service has allowed us to live in England and Germany.  While there we explored Copenhagen, Paris, London, Marrakesh, and Iceland.  And we loved it! But this blog isn’t about expensive trips to far off countries, or about selling our home to live on an island somewhere.

This is a blog about the everyday adventures that only require some creativity and planning, a weekend festival, a road trip, an adventure in places that are accessible, fun, and easy adventures for your family!

I hope you will enjoy this blog of our adventures and be inspired to have adventures with your family too!

Mix it up Mamas!



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