Motherhood in the Mix

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Mothers are a powerful force in our social, cultural, and political landscape.  We are able to define our mothering in multiple ways.  We can be working mothers or stay at home moms, active in our schools and our communities, or pursuing dreams beyond the traditional roles we inherited.


Here is where mothering meets the mix - the vast array of glorious opportunities before us.   Mixmommas are women pursuing a fierce and fabulous mix of life experiences that incorporate art, music, dance, culture, and travel.  Our lives are full of fun and festivals   that promote diversity and cross-cultural experiences.  We thrive on unexpected and unplanned moments where we transcend the ordinary and experience the extraordinary.

Fortune Cookies

With a little help every mother can find new ways to reconnect to her own soul work, her passions and pursuits that fill us with power and refresh our hearts.  When a mother is living her best life she is also able to give her children the gift of her best self.

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Welcome to our community of mothers, grandmothers, our sisterhood of unique women committed to living life to the fullest.


Janet Damon, MixMomma


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