Pumpkins, Pirates, and Chile Fest!

There is a wonderful feeling we all get when fall arrives! Chilly mornings, pumpkin spice, and harvest festivals abound! Here are a few of my favorite fall festivals to help busy moms plan great weekends while also mixing up the experiences we share with our children.

Check out our festival line up for September!

Northglenn Pirate Festival!
This is the most epic pirate festival in Colorado! Not only are there pirates, mermaids, and cardboard ships but they compete to make it across the lake! Ships are sinking, folks are swimming, and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are the MC’s! The girls adore this festival and there is something magical about watching them talk to mermaids. This is a must see event, go early and stay late to enjoy all the fun!

Jared Nursery, Gift, and Garden Festival!

Farmers from around Colorado bring their amazing pumpkins for the annual Giant Pumpkin Festival and Weigh-off!

I love this festival, and there a sweet little maze, an amazing assortment of pumpkins, and HUGE PUMPKINS! Little ones will absolutely love seeing a pumpkin this big and your older kiddos can try out the haunted house.

Last year the girls were sure they were ready for the haunted house and I waited in line to enter the black plastic curtains of horror. We got two steps in the very warm entrance before the girls got nervous, spooky sounds, evil laughter, and glowing lights welcomed us. We turned one corner of the maze and a witch flew down from the ceiling, Stella screamed and climbed up my leg, Saydee yanked up my sweater and put her face underneath it. I had to drag them behind me, looking more like a minotaur than a mom, through the rest of the maze. It was awesome! At the end of the maze, we emerged happy to survive it and they swore they would be ready this year!

Westwood Chile Festival

This year will be my first year attending the Westwood Chile Fest in the Westwood neighborhood of Denver. I love taking the girls to new places so they can learn about other communities and cultures that make Denver a vibrant place! The Chile Fest is a celebration of local food, art, music, and dance on Sept. 16th, 2-9 p.m.

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