Sankofa Storytimes with BCDI and Project Proud Fatherhood

Afros and Books is proud to promote literacy with BCDI-Denver Affiliate, Project Proud Fatherhood, the Denver Public Library and DPS Libraries.
Our goals are to promote diverse books and authors, family literacy, and lifelong learning in and across our diverse community through “Sankofa Storytimes”.

Sankofa Storytimes provides family literacy support groups and fun activities for the whole family. Each mother we offer a culturally responsive theme and guest presenters from the community. In October we featured Brandon Anubis, an African American graphic novel writer, to read his work with the children. We also hosted a Heroes and Sheroes costume party of characters from history and literature.

In November we explored and learned about the African empires of Mali, Togo, and Benin! We discovered the legacy of Mansa Musa, Sundiata, Queen Nzinga, and Ibn Battuta! Children listened to stories, created crowns, and collected “jewels of wisdom” when they answered story-related questions.

In December we celebrated the mental health and wellness of our youth with “You are Loved!” This family event focused on the mental health and wellness of children in our community.

Sister Circles and Fatherhood Talks at each Sankofa Storytime. Parents have a facilitated discussion about literacy, strategies, and challenges they face in education. They will have time to talk with one another, share solutions and ideas, and have time to be supported by the reading village.

Join and support our literacy movement today!