Springtime in Denver

The festivals and family events take on a new life in the Spring.  Children are celebrating Dias de los Ninos, family fun runs are weaving through the city, and April showers are giving way to the sunny days of summer.  Looking for the best festivals to add to your Spring calendar?

First up is Cinco de Mayo and Denver offers a fantastic festival with great presentations of culture, community, and of course a delicious assortment of food!  Enjoy the sweet sight of children in full cultural dress with families vying to get the best photos!

Next up is the Five Points Jazz Festival is all about great music and great food!  It starts early and ends late with shows going until 10 p.m.  Bring out a lawn chair and find a spot of shade along the avenue to really enjoy the day!

The festival continues to grow and has a great side street of children’s activities including a bouncy house, book giveaways, and presentations from local dance teams.


The food is always an incredible mix of soul food and authentic BBQ.  Try something new or stick with your favorites!

Hope to see you out and about in May! Remember festivals are all about celebrating life, community, and great times!

Live long and festival on.

Janet @MixMomma

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