Thank you Lisa @Menchie’s in Northfield!

It is not easy planning a party! As much as we adore our children, finding time and energy to plan an outstanding kids party can be unbelievably difficult. So when I found out our local shopping center was having a Candy Crawl, I thought maybe I can swing a festival party! After reviewing the many options I decided to give Menchie’s a call, preparing myself for a hard sell, “Hi I’m Janet and I’m wondering if I can bring a ton of 2nd graders to your store on a Friday before a Candy Crawl.”

Well, I was blessed when I ended up speaking with Lisa Smith, owner of the Menchie’s at Northfield. She listened to my request and in two seconds she was smiling and laughing on the other end of the line. “Oh I remember when I got a bouncing house for my one year old’s birthday party!” She laughed, “I know it can be tough setting up a party, you guys just come on down and we’ll make it happen!”

She even told me to text her on my way down so she could get the Menchie costume set up with a staff member to visit our party. Mind you, I am sight unseen, she is extending this graciousness purely out of the love she has for her customers. She is just that kind of community partner. She cares about the families who live in the neighborhood, and the children who come to her store. The day of the event she checked on us, brought out the costumes, took pictures, and even counseled my daughter about becoming a Special Education Teacher, Lisa spent over a decade teaching Special Education with precious students.

Her heart, her warmth, and her generosity made our day so special, and then to top it off she gave my daughter a gift. A baby Menchie, after our amazing night I went into her room to kiss her goodnight and Menchie was cradled in her arms, the sweetest reminder of her wonderful day.

Thank you so much Lisa, for everything, and we are happy to become loyal customers of our local yogurt shop.

Janet @ Mixmomma

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