Women’s March 2017 – The Power of Sisterhood

This Saturday, January 21st,  was truly a special moment for the millions of women who came out across the United States to affirm the Unity Principles of the Women’s March on Washington.  More than 5 million women marched globally from Nairobi to Denver, D.C. to L.A., and in Berlin, Rome, London, Paris, Seoul, and Guam.

Here in Denver we arrived early and as more and more women, families, husbands, and supporters arrived we were awash in the excitement and energy of the crowd.  GirlTrek, is an amazing nationwide sisterhood of African American women grounded in civil rights history and principles through walking campaigns, community leadership, and health advocacy.

GirlTrek Denver led by sister Taliah Abdullah, GirlTrek Aurora led by sister Robbin Otey, GirlTrek Montbello led by sister Pam Jiner, and our guest GirlTrek sister Treslian Ward from New Orleans was also here for the march.

As we hugged strangers, shared shock at recent events, commiserated and reassured one another, it began to feel like a massive family reunion.  As we move to create connection, overcome barriers and reach for greater progress I hope you will support your sister and in this way we ensure our daughters and sons will have a bright future ahead.

In solidarity,


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